About Language & Arts

Our story

Short and Simple

We work with students of various ages, starting at age 4 and going up to as old as 14-18. 

While studying here, students not only learn the alphabet, grammar, obtain the reading and writing skill, but also gain useful attainments that will come helpful in their general learning and future study at colleges and universities. We arrange the environment where students develop abilities to think critically, analyze and draw conclusions.

We educate children in Christian traditions, to love family members, to be kind with others, to respect customs and traditions.

Why choose us?

While studying in our christian school, children not only learn the alphabet, grammar, get the reading and writing skills, but also gain ethical and moral education based on the Bible as useful attainments that will come forth in their general learning and future studies at colleges and universities.

Cyrilica/Russian Alphabet

Deep study of the alphabet with its grammar and phonetics.

Russian Literature

Study of the poetic literature. Classical poetry, fables, and poems. Thorough study of biography of the poets and writes.

Writing / Calligraphy

Developing writing skills into a composition style.

Speech Comprehension

Proper pronunciation, correct understanding of different types of Speech, expression of thoughts and ideas.

Russian Language

Study of the vocabulary, grammar, parts of speech, and culture of the language.